Julian Bartram, Shopify NZ Community Manager.

Julian Bartram, Shopify NZ Community Manager.

The Shopify Guy is back!


The Zyber team pride ourselves on being Shopify Experts, which means we stay in touch with the Shopify Community. We had such great feedback from our first episode with New Zealand’s Shopify Community Manager – Julian, that we had to get him back for another episode. We also have such a great chat with Julian about all things eCommerce, from both the merchant perspective and from the view of Shopify itself. 
Always such a fun time when Julian is around. 
Listen to this episode to hear;
  • Shopify News & Updates

  • A review of Holiday 2020

  • What you should do when there are Shopify errors

  • Why the Shopify NZ Facebook group is the best Shopify Community in NZ

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