Lockdown Halloween and Shopify News, Oh my.

Lockdown Halloween and Shopify News, Oh my.

Julian Bartram, Shopify NZ Community Manager. Reading Lockdown Halloween and Shopify News, Oh my. 3 minutes Next Magento to Shopify Plus Migration.

Halloween will never die, it’s pivoting to the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

On this week’s bumper episode, Shopify experts Leo and Waldo sat down with Julian Bartram, Senior Community Manager at Shopify and owner of the costume makeup retail store Body FX

COVID sucks. As a retailer in lockdown, innovation = opportunity. We also discuss the power of omnichannel and the importance of diversifying your selling channel. Additionally, as we head into the festive season with Halloween and Black Friday kicking it off, personalisation is key to improving user experience. Julian shares with us some of the innovative activities Body FX is implementing across their click and collect service and a “winning the wishlist” concept.



Shopify News

Now onto Shopify news, as there has been a lot of exciting movement in the eCommerce world. Watch or listen to this episode to find out more about:

Shopify Online Store 2.0 launched in July this year and we love it! OS 2.0 makes it easier for merchants to power and build their own storefronts.  Secondly, it enables personalisation at every level. The upgraded theme architecture offers sections on all pages, improvements to metafields and more efficient app extensions. Dawn is the brand new default open-source theme built for OS 2.0. It’s designed for modern browsers, powered by speed and as a result, loads 35% faster than Debut (the theme more than 50% of merchants use). Find out more about updating your themes and apps here.

POS integration with Shopify serves the ultimate eCommerce goal of being an omnichannel retailer. Because it can integrate online and retail stores, it therefore helps merchants sync data of purchase history and customer loyalty, increase inventory features and increase reporting. Therefore, customers receive the best experience whether they are at an online check out or lining up in-store. Find out more here.

Shopify Markets, the future of international ecommerce and an opportunity for people wanting to go global. This is because 27% of Shopify merchants’ buyers are coming from an international market. How can you improve their buying experience? A great stepping stone to Shopify Plus, Shopify Markets allows you to optimise your business across global markets. Additionally, it makes it easy to sell to anyone on the internet from a single store using over 133 currencies, languages, domains and local payment options. Find out more here.

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