Kiwis Continue to Embrace Online Shopping.

Kiwis Continue to Embrace Online Shopping.

A recent Nielsen report that tracks online shopping trends found that New Zealanders spent over $3.5 billion last year on internet retail sites. Nielsen estimated that 1.8 million Kiwis were involved in online transactions in 2012. The total amount spent online is expected to rise to $4 billion by the year’s end. The Nielsen study showed that the number of high frequency buyers continues to increase, with 25 percent of consumers making at least eleven transactions.

Nielsen’s research staff attributes the uptick in internet retail sales by New Zealanders to an increase in their comfort level with e-commerce and see it as a turning point for online retail sales.



The most common product purchased online were tickets for air travel. Almost 50 percent of Kiwis bought their airline tickets online last year. The second most popular category was shoes/clothing/accessories which were bought by 40 percent of online shoppers. Magazines/books, entertainment tickets, and travel services each attracted about 30 percent of online purchases by New Zealanders. One of the biggest winners in the online spending frenzy were international sites which drew more than one quarter of the total sales. New Zealanders found that offshore companies frequently have lower prices than their Kiwi counterparts. The offshore purchasing is concerning to Kiwi owned businesses who are trying to compete with the larger international sites. This stresses the importance of having a professionally built, effective, online shop for local businesses. In competitive online markets, features such as free / affordable shipping and aggressive online marketing are crucial to stand out.




Online Purchase Drivers Ranked By Importance

As a result, travel agents are attempting to adjust to the new online buying model. Agencies are now attempting to create a more blended approach by developing websites that allow their customers to buy online or in the store. The agencies still insist that their customers will end up getting the same price online as they would if they visited a travel professional at a storefront.

Nielsen asked consumers their reason for turning to online shopping. 75 percent polled felt that they could get a better deal online than in storefronts. 70 percent liked the brand and product comparison. 60 percent turned to online shopping when they wanted to make purchases past regular business hours. Consider these figures when dealing with your online store. If you can identify why people would shop on your website, you can arrange content to capitalize on their visits and turn them into sales.