Personalisation is King in eCommerce.

Personalisation is King in eCommerce.

Bonjoro the video tool driving sales, personalisation, repeat customers and loyalty for Shopify merchants.

Are you ready to grow your business with video?

Bonjoro gives you all the tools you need to master personal video and build powerful, lasting connections with your customers. 

Bonjoro has been on our radar for a few months, but it wasn’t until Simone Anderson joined us for an episode of the podcast and told us how much she and her customers loved it, we knew we had to investigate further. 

Very quickly our eCommerce experts knew we had to have someone from Bonjoro on the podcast, and boy did we get lucky with Casey Hill. Casey is the Head of Growth at Bonjoro and is so passionate about what he does.

Customer retention is highly important for merchants. Finding new and innovative tools to keep existing customers engaged and returning can be a challenge, especially when competition is tough and prices are high. 

Bonjoro allows merchants to quickly and easily send customers personalised videos at several stages of the customer journey. It integrates directly with Shopify and has a Chrome extension and mobile app making it an absolute breeze to use. 


If you’re a merchant and have been looking for a tool that is going to drive return customers and increase customer engagement – Bonjoro is for you. Listen to this episode to understand the functionality available to Shopify Merchants, Success stories and creative ideas of how to use Bonjoro. 

The absolute BEST part about Bonjoro? You can start a Free trial with no credit card required. 


Looking for a FREE trial with Bonjoro?.

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