Prevent chargebacks, increase revenue with Spotrisk.

Prevent chargebacks, increase revenue with Spotrisk.

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Prevent chargebacks, increase revenue.

Every merchant hates a chargeback and fraud rates across Shopify stores are increasing by 20% YOY. So why is fraud protection often an afterthought when it comes to managing your eCommerce store?

John Gregoriadis and Jordan Lewis, founders of Spotrisk, a new NZ-based fraud protection platform here to help give you peace of mind for your Shopify store join us on this week’s episode. With a background in the technology and retail scenes, Jordan and John saw issues with in-store shoplifting and knew it was still going to pose a risk for online merchants.

Nearly 21% of Shopify stores pose a risk to their customers, and it is also estimated there is $206 billion at risk in 2022.

Watch this episode to learn about who is at most risk, how you can identify fraudsters and ultimately, how to keep your Shopify store secure.



How it works

Spotrisk creates a community, as well as removes the stigma associated with people getting scammed. Spotrisk is designed to empower online retailers to ship with confidence. Follow these four steps so you can using Spotrisk within your Shopify store:

  1. Connect your Shopify store: with a seamless, and user-friendly process
  2. Choose your risk tolerance: Spot has three levels, active, alert and passive so you can choose the best one for your store.
  3. Spot checks incoming orders using machine learning: By anonymising the data, Spotrisk is then able to look at patterns to help identify risky orders. 
  4. Risky orders are blocked or flagged for review: Spotrisk doesn’t need to look at every order, however, it will flag some orders which you can block or manually review.



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