Shopify vs Shopify Plus.

Shopify vs Shopify Plus.

Comparing Shopify vs Shopify Plus.

Looking to upgrade to Shopify Plus? Or are you deciding whether to cross-migrate to Shopify or Shopify Plus? This episode is for you!

One of Shopify Plus’ biggest competitors is Shopify itself, therefore in this episode Shopify Experts Leo and Waldo compare the key differences between the two.

Considering Markets, Scripts, Launchpads, Flows and more, this quick-fire episode highlights what to consider when choosing the right platform for your store.

From your eCommerce goals to annual revenue, watch this episode to see how these platforms stack up.



Why Shopify?

Using Shopify as your eCommerce platform will generate high-growth, high-volume, scalability and flexibility with less on-going costs to your business.

With a team of Shopify experts, Zyber is proud to be an exclusive Shopify Plus partner, having been hand-selected as a team of experts that strive to help brands sell in a borderless eCommerce world with ROI-driven results.



Key differences of Shopify v Shopify Plus

There’s a lot to consider when making the decision, this episode covers some of the key points of difference of Shopify Plus vs Shopify:

  • Scripts: these are small pieces of code that give developers the freedom to create their own customised shopping cart. For example, you can automatically apply a discount for shoppers on the cart page.
  • Launchpad: an eCommerce automation tool that allows you to schedule and monitor sales, releases, and content changes in advance. For example, you can schedule Valentine’s Day specials in advance. 
  • Shopify Flow: here to help merchants automate workflows, remove friction on repetitive tasks, and focus it on that all important business goal; growth. Flows are available in Advance and in Shopify Plus.
  • Wholesale: is a separate channel that enables you to manage wholesale orders. This is available on Shopify Plus only. 
  • 9 Store fronts: Different storefronts in different regions, means you can price and message differently. This is available Shopify Plus only.

There’s also Markets, Headless, Engineers, Gift cards and more to consider!


When should you upgrade to Shopify Plus?

You should look at upgrading to Shopify Plus when you are reaching the following:

  • Your revenue is over NZD $800,000 per annum
  • You’re serious expansion into new markets using multiple storefronts
  • Your need for automation is increasing more
  • You’re running lots of flash sale with high traffic spikes



For more information about cross-migrating to Shopify or Shopify Plus