Increase automation and grow with a unified helpdesk.

Increase automation and grow with a unified helpdesk.

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Increase automation and grow with a unified helpdesk.

With the increase of inflation around the world, combined with a staff shortage, many businesses are looking to tighten their belt when it comes to utilising their tech stack. Our eCommerce experts believe that Gorgias is a powerful tool, with a lot of functionality. Therefore, this week we discuss how merchants can use it to improve their customers’ experience and reduce business overheads. This week’s guest is Joel Tregoning, Strategic Partnership Manager at Gorgias, who has been in the eCommerce space for the past six years.

Watch this episode to see how Gorgias can increase automation, reduce overheads, and grow revenue!



How Gorgias can lower overheads and grow revenue:

Succinct way to manage all customer engagements in one place.

Gorgias is a unified helpdesk, allowing merchants to manage all of their customer communications in one place. These channels include email, live chat, social channels, and reviews. Therefore, Gorgias makes it easy to work through everything in one place, to be present and engage with your customers.


CRM functionality and integration.

Gorgias provides a clear holistic view of customers, allowing merchants to understand who they are and what their intentions are. Additionally, the platform can work as a high level CRM. Gorgias also integrates with CRM platforms such as Hubspot to enhance user experience for both merchants and their customers.


Automation and personalisation.

There are 20 to 30 reasons why a customer will reach out to a brand. As a result, Gorgias uses machine learning to look for intents and sentiments. Rules are used to direct customer enquiries to specific areas of the business, e.g. a shipping enquiry will be routed to the warehouse. This process is automated, allowing business to divert resources into value added areas. It also speeds up the resolution time for a customer and means they will be engaging with the right staff member from the outset.


Revenue generation and increased LTV through customer support.

Brands can use the live chat and proactive outreach features as an additional sales channel. Whether a customer is having a positive or negative experience, the customer service will influence the outcome of their experience, ultimately influencing whether they will become a repeat customer. While the customer is engaging with a brand, you can also use their attention to share more information and convert a customer. 

Reporting tools.

Lastly, brands can use the reporting and analytics tools within their Gorgias platform to benchmark their performance. It can also track additional revenue attributed to the helpdesk touch points.


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Gorgias is a trusted partner of Shopify as well as aligning with the verticals that Shopify offers. They are currently supporting 1,000 brands across APAC and 9,000 globally. 

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