Highlights of Shopify Editions.

Highlights of Shopify Editions.

Shopify Editions: connect to consumer (Summer ’22)

Power your Shopify store with 100+ new product features! Last week Shopify launched a collection of updates that will enable merchants to take their Shopify store to the next level. Shopify Editions: connect to consumer (Summer ‘22) includes exciting features. These will strengthen stores, and provide better user experiences for merchants and their customers. 

Watch this episode as Leo and Waldo, our Shopify experts discuss the key features from this update.


Our favourite updates from Summer ‘22:

1. B2B on Shopify

Firstly, Shopify launched a new set of features for B2B merchants, available only on Shopify Plus. 80% of B2B commerce is expected to be online by 2025. However, B2B on Shopify allows merchants to manage their whole business, both DTC and B2B in one place.  

Merchants can create company profiles within their customer groups, which will provide unique buying experiences for their customers. Within each customer group, merchants can allocate payment terms, price lists, tax exemptions and multiple contacts to provide a streamlined experience for B2B customers. Brands can also add fixed wholesale pricing and percentage-off pricing for each product. Secondly, B2B on Shopify can increase ease of use by merchants being able to modify the currency for international buyers.

Company profile B2B

B2B on Shopify is super powerful for merchants. It means they can save on time, development and ongoing overhead costs by being able to manage it all in one place with simpler integrations. They can provide better experiences for their own customers as it appears personal for them through pricing and payment terms. 

Read more about B2B on Shopify.

B2B on Shopify


2. Shopify Audiences

If you’re considering upgrading to Shopify Plus, this powerful addition adds another competitive edge to Plus. Finding new customers is increasingly expensive, however, this feature is here to help. Shopify Audiences is essentially like a prospecting tool, and connects merchants to potential customers using the Shopify network. It shares data across all Shopify stores, and uses machine learning to identify high-intent audiences and increase acquisition.

The lookalike audience is pushed across your paid ads, helping them perform better by increasing acquisition and decreasing conversion costs due to highly targeted top of funnel. Shopify Audiences currently only integrate with Facebook and Instagram ads, however more platforms are in the pipeline. 

Read more about Shopify Audiences.

Shopify Audiences


3. Shopify Functions

Shopify Functions is a feature available for all merchants on the Shopify platform. It enables developers to customise the backend that powers components of a merchant’s Shopify store. It will extend native Shopify Features and allow merchants to configure them without touching code.

Shopify Functions

Shopify Functions is only currently able to do backend tasks such as discounts and shipping rates. However, the Shopify Script editor is maturing and will evolve over time. The future roadmap includes features such as checkout, cart and returns validations. This feature will really change the way partners can build for merchants, and allow more mundane tasks to be automated. Find out more about Shopify Functions.



4. Checkout UI Extenstions

This is only available on Shopify Plus. Although it’s currently in developer preview, it’s worth waiting for! With the Checkout UI Extensions, merchants will be able to add new UI functionality to the checkout such as suggested products. As a result, brands will also be able to add custom fields to collect additional customer information. Find out more.


5. Shop Cash

Shopify Cash rewards will give Shopify’s buyers monetary rewards for their Shop Pay purchases. Secondly, buyers can redeem their rewards at other Shopify stores. 

Shop Cash Boosts is a new feature, however, it’s currently only available as early access. With over 100million people using the Shop app, stores can run Shop Cash Boosts to create offers as well as gain new customers from this audience. Shop Cash is free, and merchants only have to pay for successful sales. Read more about Shopify Cash Boosts.

Shop Cash Boosts

6. Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the Shopify stack for headless commerce. Therefore, it allows merchants to provide extremely fast, bespoke user journeys for their customers. Merchants will be able to fast-track their build with Hydrogen’s React framework. They can then deploy it using Oxygen, Shopify’s Global hosting solution for headless commerce.

Firstly, Hydrogen provides accelerated commerce development with multiple starter templates, including a fully built-out demo store. Additionally, Shopify’s pre-built components and utilities make working with the storefront API easy. Therefore, Hydrogen is flexible as it works with the tools and integrations merchants prefer. In addition, Hydrogen is optimised for performance. It is also one of the first frameworks built on React 18.

Hydrogen Dev Preview


Shopify Editions Summer ‘22:

With 100+ updates including Hydrogen, Shopify Protect, and B2B on Shopify, check it out online: