The Benefits of White Space in a Website Design.

The Benefits of White Space in a Website Design.

White space on webpages can often be dismissed as cold and sterile, but many people may not realize the potential offered by the presence of white space in their page design. White space can be used strategically as an active element and intentional component within the webpage. The following are just a few of the things that can be improved and enhanced with the presence of whitespace.

Increases Readability

Users that come across your page may be interested in the content that it contains, but could be intimidated by a big block of text. White space can be used to break up unsightly content and make it more visually appealing. Page breaks and indentations can be used to direct readers eyes where you want them to go. The use of white space in reference to content can be used strategically but also to improve the overall experience of the reader.

Enhances Attractiveness

Attempting to read through big chunks of text can cause strain on both the eyes and brain. Text that is broken up with space is more comfortable and pleasing to read. The visual impact of your webpage can be drastically improved by implementing the use of white space in certain areas. Keep this in mind as you build your page and determine when content can benefit from this tool.

Strengthens Emphasis

Some key points or ideas need more emphasis than others. Strengthen the effect of your most important topics by drawing attention to their presence. Use white space to make this text stand out against the rest. Doing so will draw the eyes of the reader to those pieces of text. You can also use this space to create a more organized look and feel to the page, creating effective groupings and categories when the webpage can benefit from them.

White space is no longer being viewed as a background factor on a webpage. When used the correct way, white space can have a profound and beneficial effect on the appeal of your website. These are just a few of the factors to keep in mind as you tactically insert white space into your page design. Use whitespace to your advantage and maximize on the opportunities that it provides.