The Power of Data Protection: A Deep Dive into Rewind with Zyber’s Insights.

The Power of Data Protection: A Deep Dive into Rewind with Zyber’s Insights.

In today's digital age, data is the lifeblood of any business. One moment, you have all your essential information at your fingertips, and the next, it could all vanish. It happens more often than you may realise, as 40% of SaaS users have lost data. Such scenarios are not just nightmares for individuals but can spell disaster for businesses. In fact, when it comes to their mission-critical operations, 15% of organisations cannot tolerate any downtime and 42% can only tolerate up to 1 hour. This is where Rewind comes into play.

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  Understanding the Need for Data Backups

Many businesses operate under the assumption that all of their data on SaaS platforms is safe and retrievable at any given moment. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, 1 in 4 ecommerce merchants have experienced data loss. SaaS platforms typically follow a Shared Responsibility Model, which means that they will restore data for widespread issues, but it is the merchant’s responsibility to safeguard themselves from problems that impact only their individual store.


Data Loss Happens in eCommerce

Human error is the number one cause of downtime. Data mishaps can occur unexpectedly, whether it's an employee error late on a Friday night or a newly installed app that corrupts essential data. Brands have accidentally deleted hundreds of products due to a failed bulk import, installed a third-party app that broke their checkout and lost sales for 24 hours straight after a theme code update. These scenarios are where the importance of backup solutions like Rewind becomes evident.

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The Ultimate Safety Net for Brands

Established in 2015, Rewind has become the go-to solution for brands seeking to safeguard their mission-critical data. From giants like Paul Mitchell to emerging DTC brands, businesses trust Rewind to protect their valuable data. The process is straightforward: connect Rewind to platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, and let the software act as a time machine for your data. Whether it's recovering a single deleted product or an entire database, Rewind ensures that businesses can operate without the constant fear of data loss.


Why Zyber Trusts Rewind

At Zyber, we understand the intricacies of ecommerce and the importance of data in driving business success. We've witnessed firsthand the devastating impacts of data loss on brands, both big and small. Downtime can not only cause a brand to lose revenue and customers in the short term but it can also cause lasting damage to the brand’s reputation. That's why we trust and recommend Rewind to our clients. It's not just about having a backup; it's about having a reliable and efficient backup solution that ensures business continuity and growth.

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Client Spotlight

Happy Healthy You has strategically implemented Rewind, to protect its online store. Recognising the importance of data in the eCommerce industry, with over 9,000 monthly orders, the company prioritises the protection of customer information and product listings. Rewind serves as a reliable shield against potential risks such as downtime or inadvertent product deletions that could lead to substantial revenue loss. By integrating Rewind into their operations, Happy Healthy You ensures that the task of manually recreating products is mitigated, allowing for a more secure and streamlined eCommerce experience.


The Latest in Data Protection from Rewind

Rewind is continuously innovating to detect data anomalies and proactively shield brands from potential data catastrophes. Earlier this year, Rewind released Protection Suite for Shopify, which combines backups with new tools to help merchants prevent and detect unwanted changes to their store. Protection Suite’s monitoring, alerting and staging tools allow merchants to catch mistakes, threats, and disruptions before they become lost sales.

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In a world where data drives decisions and dictates business success, having a reliable backup solution is not a luxury—it's a necessity. Rewind, with its advanced features and unwavering commitment to data protection, is the partner every brand needs. And for us at Zyber, it's the tool we trust to keep our clients' data safe and secure.