Happy Healthy You: A Story of Resilience & Digital Transformation with Rewind Backups.

Happy Healthy You: A Story of Resilience & Digital Transformation with Rewind Backups.


In the dynamic world of ecommerce, data security and backups are of paramount importance. This case study explores the journey of Happy Healthy You, a client of Zyber, and their experience with Rewind Backups.


Happy Healthy You’s

Happy Healthy You is a thriving online store that offers a range of natural products designed to help women balance their hormones and feel their best. Happy Healthy You now has almost 200,000  customers and over 10,000+ reviews with 94% 5-star reviews. 

Happy healthy you

Happy Healthy You co-founded by Jeff Butterworth, a naturopath and Lisa Curry, a retired Olympic swimmer from Australia, who sought to address contemporary health challenges and imbalances through natural solutions. Jeff’s passion for holistic health and Lisa's commitment to fitness and well-being laid the foundation for what would become the Happy Healthy You brand. The partnership not only enriched the product offerings but also resonated with a broader audience seeking natural solutions to enhance their health.

Implementing Digital Solutions

As a Zyber client, Happy Healthy You has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation, staying at the forefront of digital solutions to optimise their business operations and elevate the overall customer experience. This dedication reflects not only their founders' initial vision but also their ongoing efforts to empower women on their journey towards hormonal balance and holistic well-being.

happy healthy you

The Role of Data

In the eCommerce industry, data is everything. From customer information to product listings, every piece of data is crucial for the smooth operation of an online store. Happy Healthy You 
receives over 9,000 orders per month.

If they were to experience downtime, or have products unintentionally deleted from their site, the potential revenue loss would be substantial. It would be very time consuming to manually recreate the products on their store.  Recognising this, Happy Healthy You prioritised using a data security and backup solution to protect their store and minimize their risk.

happy healthy you

Introducing Rewind as a Backup Solution

Zyber recommended Rewind Backups for Shopify to Happy Healthy You. Zyber emphasised Rewind's proactive approach to data security, showcasing its ability to perform automated and comprehensive backups of their essential Shopify data, as well as restores. In Zyber's opinion, Rewind's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Happy Healthy You's existing software infrastructure make it a highly practical and efficient choice for ensuring data integrity. With Rewind, they were able to secure their data, ensuring business continuity and enhancing customer trust.


happy healthy you

The Impact of Rewind Backups

“With Rewind Backups we know that we are always safe in case the worst happens. We have over 300 blog articles and recipes on our site and we know that if for some reason, human error or otherwise, these are deleted, we have Rewind Backups to fall back on so that we can reinstate our priceless thought leadership content that is a key source of health and wellbeing information for our community of almost 200,000 customers.” 

Jeff Butterworth - cofounder of happy healthy you

Jeff Butterworth
Co-Founder, Happy Healthy You


The collaboration between Happy Healthy You, Zyber, and Rewind Backups is a testament to the power of digital transformation in the ecommerce industry. By prioritising data security and backups, Happy Healthy You has not only safeguarded their business operations but also their customer experience.