Vuse Gift App Case Study.

Vuse Gift App Case Study.


Zyber was approached by Vype (now Vuse) with a project to generate 400,000 unique codes and develop a ‘Text to Win’ Gift App, under a tight deadline, that would encourage customers to create an account and buy online.


The Challenges and Solutions.

Our team decided on 8-digit unique codes, a combination chance of 1 in 100 million, to reduce the possibilities of guessing. 

Vuse’s initial campaign would have taken the user through 15 forms to fill out and 3 checkout steps. 

A major challenge was ensuring users could not abuse the system to receive multiple free gifts. As a safeguard against abuse of the app, our team put some custom verification checks in place. The first was to match all addresses to legitimate NZ post addresses, the second to verify the customers age and ensure they were over 18, the third was a phone format verification function, the fourth an IP and email address check once the order had been submitted. Essentially, our team closed the loopholes that could have led to loss for Vuse and made the app airtight. 

The gifts are logged through the Vuse website as a legitimate order and stored within the user account under order history. Due to the integration of the app with the website, our team not only needed to ensure the app worked smoothly, but the site too. 


The Final Result.

Vuse products come with a unique code printed on a sticker that is placed on the product at dispatch. The customer sends the code via SMS to a specific phone number, they then receive an automated SMS directing them to a URL. This URL is predominantly visited via mobile as users are being directed to the page via SMS. It was essential the landing page was created with impeccable mobile functionality and a clean user experience (UX). 

The customer is able to redeem their gift through the custom built app, see these free gifts in their order history within their account, and earn subsequent points for each additional purchase via

Zyber is able to develop custom functionality to help your customers engage with your brand in many ways. Give us a call.

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