Website reviews, no holding back!

Website reviews, no holding back!

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Website reviews, no holding back!

How would you like your website reviewed by our Shopify experts? We wanted to get the Shopify NZ community involved, so that’s exactly what we did on this episode of Talk’n Shopify.

Leo and Waldo review some merchant websites at face value, and they don’t hold back! 

Attention to detail, and a constant strive for improvement are in our nature, so our eCommerce experts provide feedback to enhance the user experience on these websites.

From subscriptions, to upsell/cross-sell, gamification, and abandoned cart flows, check out this episode for some recommendations you can adopt to your own eCommerce store:



We’d also love to give a big shout out to the merchant sites analysed on this episode. Well done on getting to where your stores are today, and thank you for being bold so others can learn!


Please note: These websites were reviewed at face value in order to provide aesthetic recommendations, and to enhance the user experience on these websites. Normally when our eCommerce experts complete a website review, they have full access to any data, as well as any tools involved. We also didn’t purchase anyone’s amazing products so we may not have seen any post-purchase flows, e.g. post-purchase emails, discounts etc.


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