Weighing in on iOS14 & Core Web Vitals.

Weighing in on iOS14 & Core Web Vitals.

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What will Core Web Vitals & iOS14 mean for eCommerce?

It’s the topic that is on everyone’s lips in the industry right now – what is the future of digital advertising going to look like as a result of the iOS14 update? And to make matters more interesting, Google is changing the way they rank sites for performance with their new Core Web Vitals. 
eCommerce experts, Leo and Waldo recorded this episode a few weeks before all of these updates went live – and are here to give their overview of both of these changes and how they predict the eCommerce industry will react. 

Listen to this episode to find out

  • What are Core Web Vitals?
  • What exactly is the iOS14.5 update going to change?
  • The difference between 1st & 3rd party cookies and who can use the data collected
  • What you should be doing now as an eCommerce merchant
  • Why we think these changes are positive
  • Our predictions for the next few months as a result of these major updates.


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