What is headless commerce?.

What is headless commerce?.

What is headless commerce?

Put simply, headless commerce is the separation of the front end (what is visible o the website visitor in their browser) and the back end (the engine and software that makes the website work). Using headless commerce on your website removes design restraints and allows for endless customisation, whilst letting your eCommerce platform (Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Big Commerce etc) do the hard work on the back end. In September this year, Shogun announced that it has raised $35 million in funding after seeing its business grow 182% over the last year, with 15,000 companies.

“Headless commerce is a reference to the architecture that underpins a commerce solution—it’s the decoupling of the front-end customer experience from your back-end technology infrastructure.

Put differently, headless commerce separates the digital storefront from the underlying systems and engines that drive your business. Brands that feel limited from templated front ends can be freed to offer customers a highly personalized experience.” Shopify Plus

Whilst not an entirely new idea, headless commerce is only just making waves in New Zealand. That’s why we asked Nick Raushenbush the Co-Founder and COO of Shogun to join our Shopify experts for an episode of Talk’n Shop.


Implementing headless commerce into your eCommerce store has many benefits including;

  • Simplifying the process to design, build and edit the front end theme of a website.
  • Increasing load speed and page responsiveness

Shogun is at the forefront of bringing headless eCommerce technology to the e-commerce ecosystem. Shogun empowers brands to create unique eCommerce experiences by making it easy to build and optimize online stores.


Shogun offers two key services.

Shogun – Front End – a  next generation eCommerce experience platform (eXP) that allows merchants to build the front end separate from the eCom platform, and Shogun – Page Builder which allows easy drag and drop design features for your website. 


Nomad sees a 25% increase in ecommerce conversion rate with Shogun Frontend.

If you’re looking to improve the user experience, customise design and significantly improve the speed and responsiveness of your website talk to our  Shopify Experts.