What is indirect tax? – Morgan Hardy.

What is indirect tax? – Morgan Hardy.

Indirect Tax and Selling Online.

If you’re selling to the UK, Europe or the USA – this episode is for you.

Selling to a global market successfully is a goal for many merchants, and with the help of intelligent eCommerce platforms like Shopify Plus, having multiple stores is easier than ever. Whether you ship directly from your home location or keep stock in a 3PL location in another country, there may be hidden indirect tax that could rack up costs without you even realising.


Tax is not always the most interesting or simple topic to understand, but as a merchant ensuring correct tax, compliance is a pretty big deal.
Morgan Hardy from iTax joined us for an episode of Talk’n Shop to help our eCommerce experts understand where merchants could be getting hit with indirect tax when selling overseas. He helps explain the Tax regulations eCommerce merchants need to be aware of in the following scenarios;
  • The UK, the EU & Brexit

  • The US and each individual state

  • Different regulations around filing, and when and how you should go about it

If you’re selling your goods overseas and need a hand wrapping your head around indirect tax, you can get in touch with Morgan on his website. Morgan can help with;
  • Indirect Tax Compliance Management

  • Compliance Status Review

  • Tax Recovery

  • Tax disputes and queries

Confused about international Tax thresholds? .

Visit the iTax website here


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