Weebly vs Shopify.

Weebly vs Shopify.

Which eCommerce Platform is Right for Your Business? Weebly vs. Shopify.

Shopify is a dedicated eCommerce platform while Weebly is a website builder with optional eCommerce functions – this means it is less powerful than Shopify but simpler to set up.


Shopify is a powerful eCommerce tool, providing everything you need to build an advanced online store. With over 1200 apps that will seamlessly integrate with your store and offer impeccable functionality, Shopify boasts great flexibility. As a dedicated eCommerce platform, Shopify is huge in the eCommerce world and reports over 1 million merchants with more than $100 billion worth of sales. Shopify is the No. 1 paid eCommerce platform there is. 

Shopify stands out for its built-in analytics tools that help with site management and high-traffic analysis. Shopify also has the benefit of offering Shopify POS for omnichannel selling, split tenders, discount codes, barcode support, customer profiles, Shopify Payments, the Shop app, and more. 

Essentially, Shopify houses every tool you need for success online. If it’s not a built-in feature, there’ll be an app that can be seamlessly integrated.


Weebly is first and foremost a DIY website builder. It’s purpose was always to help smaller and startup businesses quickly, cheaply and easily establish an online presence. Over the years, Weebly has updated its platform to include eCommerce capabilities. 

Weebly includes essential eCommerce tools such as a mobile store with checkout, filtered queries and product search, coupon codes, multiple payment gateway choices, inventory management and more. Compared to Shopify, Weebly offers a lot less in terms of eCommerce: less payment and shipping options and only basic analytics. 



Shopify offers 3 primary pricing plans of $29, $79 or $299 per month. For enterprise or high-volume merchants, Shopify Plus is also available. 

Shopify pricing

Credit card rates for Shopify are 2.9% for the $29/mo plan + $0.30, reducing on each subsequent plan. If you already have your own website, you also have the option to opt-in for Shopify lite for $9/mo enabling you to add a Shopify Buy Button to your website.


Weebly offers 7 plans beginning with a free option. There are only 3 Weebly plans designed for online stores though, these range from $12/month to $38/month. Pricing depends on how many products you intend to sell. Weebly charges a 3% transaction fee for the Pro plan. Other plans do not include the fee. Weebly has a free plan, however it is only for a basic website – for eCommerce functionality you must opt-in to a paid plan. 

Weebly Pricing



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Apps & Integrations


Shopify offers abundant features to enhance functionality and design. Shopify’s app store offers free and paid apps, including Facebook, Instagram and Google integrations, as well as Buy Button widgets, subscription apps for member based selling, rewards and loyalty apps, email promotions apps such as Klaviyo and so on.


The app center for Weebly also offers apps such as a sales channel app, an SEO app and a social media app. Weebly apps are fewer and simpler than those offered by Shopify. 

The Verdict

For businesses looking to scale their online store and increase their conversions, a top-notch, all-around eCommerce solution is the obvious choice. Shopify and Shopify Plus offer the greatest functionality, flexibility, and ability to grow your business. 

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