Why You Need To Set Up Buy One Get One (BOGO) & Quantity Discounts on Shopify.

Why You Need To Set Up Buy One Get One (BOGO) & Quantity Discounts on Shopify.

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Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers are a fantastic way to increase your average order value (AOV), make way for new stock, and introduce customers to products they may not have thought to try yet.

They’re also a great way to attract new customers and incentivise past customers to come back and make another purchase.


There are three ways to set up buy one get one deals on Shopify:
  • Buy X and get a second product or collection free or discounted
  • Buy any product and get a percentage off a particular collection
  • Buy a specific variant (e.g. vanilla candle) to get a discount off a product or collection
Some BOGO sales you can try with Shopify:
  • Products that relate to one another (e.g. if customer buys shoes, offer them socks)
  • Best sellers (e.g. if customer buys popular product, offer them 2nd most popular product)
  • Buy multiples (e.g. buy 3 mugs and get your 4th free)



Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts allow your shoppers to save money with the more they buy. These can be setup to be based on quantity or cart value. Price breaks have been largely requested by the Shopify community for sometime!

You could even use quantity discounts to setup wholesale quantities on your Shopify store to make it easy for resellers to order from you.


Quantity discounts you can try with Shopify:
  • Buy 3 or more pendants and get 25% off
  • Spend $500 and get $50 off
  • Or, get free shipping when you buy 5+ packets of seeds


Note: You can still restrict usage around buy x get y offers and quantity discounts.

You can specify which group or customer can use it, as well as how many times they can use it (e.g. 1 use per customer), or how many times the code can be used (e.g. 100 uses all up). You can also set an expiry date – which is great for occasional sales.


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