Why You Should’ve Upgraded Your Shopify Plan by Now.

Why You Should’ve Upgraded Your Shopify Plan by Now.

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I’ve seen our clients on the $79 Shopify plan reach milestone after milestone this year.

And I wanted to share with you the little-known Shopify tools they’re using to get there.

These tools are included with the $79 plan, but not everyone knows about them!

I’ve picked out 9 of these tools for you.
There are many more, but I think these are the most exciting & easiest ways to boost your sales.


1) Website Cart Analysis

Website Cart Analysis gives you a detailed breakdown of products that are frequently added to cart together.

This is important because it highlights relationships between products.

Knowing what customers are likely to add to their cart means you can link those products more closely on your store. Easily increasing your Average Order Value (AOV).

These reports are particularly interesting because even though 90% of customers who add Cereal to their cart also add Milk, only 30% of customers shopping for Milk will add Cereal to their cart.

From that we can see that people buying Cereal are highly likely to order Milk as well. But, people buying Milk aren’t nearly as likely to buy Cereal. Because people buying Milk are 70% more likely to add Coffee instead.

Knowing and understanding these product relationships is key.

How to easily increase your Average Order Value (AOV):

Bundle frequently bought/added products together
Add the second product as an upsell
Make the other product easy to find by linking it on the product page


2) Repeat & One-time Customers

The best part about repeat customers is that they will happily share their pleasant experiences with you to anyone who will listen.

They’ll recommend your company/product to their family, friends, colleagues, and even to total strangers. That’s free advertising of the best kind.

Word-of-mouth. One of the most powerful forms of social proof.

Here’s how to nurture your cheerleaders & convert one-timers:

Provide repeat customers with a special discount or free gift for their continued loyalty
Install a loyalty app that lets customers accrue points & spend them in your store (like FlyBuys)
Feature your cheerleaders using your products on your blog, newsletter & social medias

If you have a high rate of one-time customers:

Upsell an add-on or accessory to your product to increase your AOV
If your product is perishable, send them reminders to reorder
Offer a discount code in their order confirmation email for their next order


3) Visitors by Referrer

Visitors by Referrer is broken down into:

Direct (which pages are being visited from which page on your site)
Unknown (still valuable, Shopify just doesn’t know how to label it)
Search (which Search Engines people are using to find you)
Email (which email provider your customer uses)
Social (which social platforms your traffic uses)
How is this helpful?

Because if you know where your traffic is coming from, and where they spend their time, you can begin to really hone in on your audience.

For example you might see that you’re getting a lot of traffic coming from Facebook. Infact, it’s coming from a Facebook group called Coffee Lovers NZ.

After you join the group, you see that a few people have linked your products recently, raving about them in their posts. As a result, group members are interested so they visit your site.

This could be a perfect opportunity to partner with the admins of this group to run ads, giveaways, offer review samples etc.

How to grow your business using influencers:

Use Visitors by Referer to see where your traffic is spending their time
Make contact with websites, pages, and groups to partner up
Create an affiliate programme for your fans

How do I upgrade my plan?
Log in to your Shopify store and go to:
Settings ➜ Account ➜ Click the purple ‘Upgrade Plan’ button.

Want to chat?
If you want to talk to someone about upgrading your plan,
give us a call on +1510 646 8441 or 09 280 3680

Stephani Lord-Harman
Marketing Copywriter