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Rewind is the top-rated backup service for web apps.
Trusted by the world's fastest-growing brands, Rewind is a cloud-to-cloud backup online data solution for eCommerce businesses. The software can be fully integrated with Shopify, as well as other major eCommerce platforms, ensuring deleted items can be recovered and changes can easily be undone.

1 in 5 Rewind customers restore data due to innocent mistakes, bad CVS file imports, 3rd-party apps or malicious attacks, all of which cause catastrophic data loss, can shut down your entire site, and cost your business a lot of money.

Rewind is most popular for the peace of mind it provides. Daily automatic updates gives business owners the confidence that if the need arises, they can restore lost data with ease.

Rewind Magic Undo

We can help.

With Rewind as a Shopify partner, Zyber reassures businesses that their data is automatically backed up and the store can be rewound to a time before the problem occurred. This saves clients a lot of time and money if errors do happen.

Some of our clients using Rewind.

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