3 Simple Steps to a More Readable Website.

3 Simple Steps to a More Readable Website.

Designing and creating a quality website is essential to attracting potential customers to your business. More importantly, it is crucial to keeping potential customers on your site. When browsing the internet in search for something specific, users will make a decision about the usefulness of your content. An unorganized site may result in a high click-through rating, failing to reach users on the right level. The following three tips will help you to create a website that is readable, shareable and lead-converting.

1. Focus on Content

While there are a long list of SEO practices such as keyword usage, linking and social media sharing that help the functionality of your site, nothing is more important than quality content. The most effective way to attract visitors to your site and keep them coming back is to create quality content. Update your site often with interesting information while still remaining true to the basics of your industry. You want to continue to attract new visitors that are interested in the topic while still providing valuable information to returning users.


2. Utilize an Attractive Format

 Quality content is only valuable if site visitors actually read it. If your website is poorly organized and formatted, visitors may skip right over it. Use fonts, colors, and a template that draws the reader in. Using small paragraphs, bullet points and numbered lists is a great way to break up content into less intimidating amounts.


3. Easy Navigation

Even if your site effectively attracts visitors to your site, its design needs to make it easy for users to find the information for which they are looking. Site navigation should make it easy for any potential customer to find out more about your company, make a purchase or contact you. Getting from page to page should be easily accomplished.

A well-designed and readable website is a key component of web marketing. With the amount of time that people spend on the internet, it is highly likely that a potential customers’ first impression of your company will be your website. Use these three steps to create a site that will result in a positive user experience for anyone that finds it.

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