Improve Your Business Identity with a Professional Logo

Improve Your Business Identity with a Professional Logo

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Your company logo is one of the most vital components of your brand identity. Some of the most successful companies are recognized across the globe simply by their logo.
Designing and creating an attractive, memorable logo is a major step in establishing a brand identity for customers to associate with your company. It will most likely end up being the most widely used visual representation of your business, so make sure that your logo is a good one.

The Value of a Logo

There is not always enough space to print all of your company information on every product or piece of marketing material that you create. A logo serves as a compact visual representation of who your company is and what it does. When designing a logo, try to come up with images and symbols that display your company values.

Design Elements

A great logo needs to be recognizable to current customers while also offering some information about the company to potential customers. There needs to be a balance in your logo that makes it unique while also providing understandable information to someone who may not be familiar with your company.


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The identity that you establish with your brand has a massive impact on the feelings and thoughts that consumers associate with your company. A company logo should be a compatible extension of the brand image that is evident in the other aspects of the company’s identity.
Every component of a brand image should mesh and flow together to create one, large cohesive element. Consider your intended application of the logo, fine details and small text may look great on a big sign, but get lost on a small business card.
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Designing and creating a top-notch logo is not an expensive process. It can actually be a very simple one. However, the benefits and advantages to have a recognizable, effective logo can greatly impact the success of a company.
A logo can greatly enhance company visibility and exposure. If done correctly, the return on investment of creating the perfect logo is a very high one.

Things to Avoid

Many companies make the mistake of adjusting and altering their logo too often to meet the demands of a specific project. For the best outcome, keep it consistent.
Changing a logo too often defeats the purpose of having one. Make it simple, make it recognizable and commit to the logo. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your businesses identity.
When new customers are looking for a reliable business they can trust, a clear, professional brand will always be the preferred choice over a plain text name, or worse a DIY logo.
If you think its time to update your businesses tired old branding, or want to start your new business with all the right assets, talk to a Zyber Business Consultant and ask to see examples from our wide portfolio of professional logo designs.