6 Ways to Promote Your Website With Google+ Local.

6 Ways to Promote Your Website With Google+ Local.

Google rewards people who decide to use their products. When you utilize their social network for your Internet campaign, boosting your Google query results becomes easier. A simple method for creating online exposure is to optimize your local business page on Google+.

Any business who needs to quickly initiate their online presence must get a listing on Google+ Local. With a page on Google+ Local, your business will appear in Google searches relevant to your location.


1. Complete Every Part of Your Profile

The ability to list and display all of your contact information in local search results is a huge advantage to any business. As a small business owner, you cannot afford to ignore it. Make sure to include all contact information such as your telephone number, website address and full physical address. Do not forget to post your business’ description and operating results for optimal results.


2. Use a Local Telephone Number

If your business has a local telephone number, it is better to use that number instead of a toll-free telephone number. Although a toll-free number provides customers undeniable convenience, it will take away from your credibility as a local, small business.


3. Gather Customer Reviews

You need to collect online reviews. As long as they are positive, customer reviews serve two purposes for your business — increase attention and provide testimonials — both of which attract more potential customers. Reviews make a business seem credible, so encourage customers to leave them.


4. Post Photos and a Logo

Similar to Facebook marketing, the use of imagery and branding is essential for exposure on Google+. Pictures tend to keep people browsing longer on your Local page. So be sure to post your business’ photos and logo at any applicable place.


5. Bridge Your Google+ and Website

Google slightly favours people who link their Google+ Local page to their business’ website. Adding a Google+ link to your site will bring more traffic to your Local page. And Google will consider your page more valuable.


6. Connect Your Page and Blog Content

Another way to ensure your business is included in search results is by syncing your Google+ Local page and blog content. Just as you do on Twitter and Facebook, share your content on Google+. This step will also bring traffic to your blog.

Maintaining multiple social media profiles can be a tedious task, but effective Google+ Local page optimization will immediately give your business an online presence. And when you are listed in local search engine results, you will increase your sales. These make Google+ Local an invaluable small business tool.