A High Quality Website Is The First Step Toward SEO Success.

A High Quality Website Is The First Step Toward SEO Success.

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If you are planning a campaign to improve your website’s search engine ranking results, your first step should be an overview of it’s design and content. SEO means nothing if your website is not engaging to visitors.

In recent years major search engines have put an emphasis on the quality of web site content when ranking them in search engine results. Content should be unique and engaging to the visitor, providing a positive “user-experience”.

User-experience is a term which has gained popularity to define the quality of an Internet service or resource. For search engines it means serving up websites which are relevant to the user’s inquiry. But equally important to both the search engine and user, is that the website provides unique and relevant content, and does so in a visually pleasing and easy to navigate manner.

Major search engines recognize that a high page ranking in search results mean nothing if the website turns off visitors by poor navigation, duplicate content, and a dull appearance, resulting in a brief visit and high ‘bounce rate’.

The best way to ensure your website visitors have a positive experience and your efforts have a meaningful impact on search engine rankings, is to start with a professional design.


Professionally Designed Websites

An attractive website with professionally designed graphics and clean navigation will engage a user and influence both the time spent on the site and their decision to purchase. While unattractive graphics, that load slowly, and cumbersome navigation will frustrate a user, resulting in a short visit and bouncing from site to site. Major search engines now monitor the bounce rate of a website. If too many visitors bounce from your site after a short visit, your website ranking will suffer.


Unique and Engaging Content

One of the biggest issues facing search engines today is serving up websites with poor, irrelevant, and often simply duplicated, content. In an effort to build sites quickly and drive traffic, many website owners have resorted to purchasing content or outsourcing the writing. This can kill your SEO efforts. Recent changes to major search engine algorithms actively target such websites to be de-listed from their search results.

Providing well written content that is relevant to the subject of your website will engage users, influence their buying decisions, and positively affect your search engine ranking results.


Provide Intuitive Navigation

A key factor in improving user-experience for your website is clean and intuitive navigation tools. All content on your website should be easy to locate, load quickly, and link to other relevant information. If users become frustrated trying to navigate your site, or have to wait too long for pages to load, they will bounce to the next website.

A secondary issue related to navigation, is a design that enables search engines to easily ‘crawl’ through your content and index pages. This can be done through a properly designed site map and internal linking.

Pulling together the design, content, and SEO plan for a website is a complicated process that involves many disciplines. Though available tools allow website owners to create their own sites, a professional website design service can create a polished website that will provide a positive user-experience and with content and navigation highly optimized for superior search engine ranking results.