Audit your Website to Improve Search Engine Performance.

Audit your Website to Improve Search Engine Performance.

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A valuable, high quality website does not just mean launching a website and forgetting about it. Websites take maintaining and updating to keep them working to your advantage. In order to know how well your website is performing for your company, it is necessary to perform a website audit. Using this information and feedback can help you determine what needs to be done in order to increase search engine performance and overall website visibility. A site audit is an extensive, comprehensive report that analyzes and reports on every aspect of your website. These are a few of the major areas on which a web audit focuses.


Website Functionality

This aspect of the audit determines how well your site navigation and organization caters to the needs of site visitors. Studying and analyzing this component will help you determine how well the site flows. The goal is to help users get to their final destination on your site as quickly as possible.


Technical Health

The visible content, images, and layout of a website is only the surface that is exposed to the users. Within the interior workings of the site includes important coding and components designed to keep the website optimized. This includes robot.txt that is designed to direct search engine crawlers.


On Page SEO

Anything falling within the category of on page SEO practices involves changes made directly to the website. This includes things like content creation, meta tags, and URL design. High quality content should be written with strategic keyword placement for maximum search engine optimization. Meta tags communicate with search engines by giving indications about the nature of the website and its content. The nature and design of the website URL’s and page layout help users to determine the hierarchy of content. Keep this in mind as you design your site layout.

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Performing a website audit can provide invaluable feedback to you regarding the functioning of your website. These categories are three of the most important components that should be included in a website audit. You can think of this process as a frequent check-up to make sure your website is healthy and functioning to its potential.