Everything You Need To Know About Shop and Shop Channel.

Everything You Need To Know About Shop and Shop Channel.

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Shopify has brought together features from Arrive and Shop Pay to create the brand new personal shopping assistant – Shop. Shop will become a free channel inside of Shopify that is available to all merchants, alongside their online store and POS. The free iOS and Android app for consumers is like the Instagram of shopping. 

Shop is an app that helps merchants improve their online shopping experience for their customers. From discovery to delivery, it can all be done in the Shop app. 

Shopify Shop Channel

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Primary Features:

  • Fast checkout for customers using Shop Pay
  • Delivery tracking for online orders
  • Product recommendations from eligible stores
  • Carbon offset for eligible orders
  • Shop local


Shop Local

Supporting local businesses has always been important. The shop local feature on the Shop app enables buyers to find nearby merchants and support their local businesses. 

Customised Recommendations

Customised product recommendations are shown to customers from merchants they’ve already bought from. 

Shop Channel delivery

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The Shop app shows delivery tracking so buyers can track their packages. When a customer uses Gmail, Shop automatically locates emails with tracking numbers to identify orders to track. Customers using other email addresses can add tracking numbers manually. If you have any concerns about privacy, refer to the Shop privacy policy

Automatic Order Sync

Shop automatically syncs with Shopify so customers are able to see all orders they have placed within Shopify stores. Abandoned cart notifications may also appear in Shop, prompting the customer to return to your store to complete the order. 

Store Profiles & Trending Products

Customers are able to follow store profiles, these profiles will appear in the Shops tab of the Shop app. Customers can then also view product recommendations based on the store’s trending products. These trending products are generated in Shopify based on sales data for the store. 

Exclude Specific Products from Shop

Merchants aren’t able to prevent their store profiles from appearing in Shop but they can hide specific products by adding them to a special collection in Shopify. Shop app syncs products daily, and excludes products that you add to the Shop app hidden collection. 

Shopify Shop

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Current Availability 

Merchants can direct their customers to download the Shop app. If the Shop opt-in is available for your store, you don’t need to do anything to set it up for your customers. The option is enabled automatically and it appears on order status pages unless you disable it. 

As New Zealand’s leading Shopify Experts, we have fondly coined the Shop app the ‘Instagram of Shopping’ and anticipate it will only amplify the new culture of online shopping Kiwi’s have adopted throughout lockdown. 

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