How to grow a DTC brand with Two Islands Part 1.

How to grow a DTC brand with Two Islands Part 1.

You need to understand your customers before you can outrun the competition.

This episode was so great, we had to create two parts!

In this two part episode, Leo and Waldo were joined by Tina Trenkner-Meade, eCommerce Lead at Two Islands who has years of experience in the eCommerce world, with experience in both the agency and client space. Two Islands is a New Zealand health, wellness and beauty brand with strong DTC channels and a presence in retail outlets.


Watch or listen to Part 1 to find out more about:

Agency vs client perspective in the eCommerce world: Tina shares her own transition from working in an agency to a competitive DTC brand, how lockdowns compare on either side.

Black Friday as an eCommerce Lead: we discuss trends for sales this year, and what it’s like to be a DTC manager as retail stores open up again in Auckland and how lockdowns may influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. 

Growing your brand in a competitive industry: Tina shares some of the tech stack her and the team at Two Islands are using to really understand their customers and how technology such as Hotjar can really boost your understanding of customer psychology.


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You’ll have to wait until next week for Part 2 but get excited as it covers TikTok marketing, headless commerce, Shopify strategies and more!


To view Two Islands’ modern luxury supplements and 100% plant-based range, visit

For more about the integrations discussed in the episode, visit our Shopify Experts page.


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