Optimise your conversion rate with Omniconvert.

Optimise your conversion rate with Omniconvert.

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Optimise your conversion rate with Omniconvert

This week we were lucky to be joined all the way from Europe by Valentin Radu, CEO and Founder of Omniconvert. In this episode for marketing managers, agencies and additionally business owners, we discuss how to optimise your conversion rate.

Valentin founded Omniconvert based on his own marketing experiences, trying to understand why the conversion line in his Google Analytics was stagnant.

Here is a preview into the knowledge Valentin shares with our eCommerce experts:

  • Net promoter score (NPS): according to Omniconvert, this is the most neglected part of marketing. 50% of companies don’t know what they are selling, nor do they know their NPS. Therefore, it is difficult for marketers to create content specific to their target audience.
  • Lifetime Value (LTV): only three out of ten businesses are monitoring their customer LTV. Acquiring customers is becoming increasingly harder. If you don’t know how much each customer is worth, as a result, you are shooting in the dark when deciding how much you can afford to spend on your acquisition marketing.
  • New eCommerce competition: Four out of ten eCommerce businesses started in a post-pandemic world. They are not necessarily new to business, but instead have re-focused their core selling channels. Therefore, we need to understand our customers to excel within the eCommerce ecosystem.



Omniconvert tools to scale your CRO

Omniconvert provides tools to focus energy on retaining customers, rather than acquiring new ones through 3x key software pillars:


1. Omniconvert Explore

This CRO platform is designed to test insights and empower managers to run experiments and learn from the data. A/B testing, segmentation and personalisation are all included in this stage of the journey. The feature has built in segmentation which is based on the zero-party data provided. For example, for their Avon client they implemented a beauty assistant who asked users the colour of their eyes. Additionally, they recommended products to each user that matched their eye colour. The results? The conversion rate increased by 28%.


2. Omniconvert Reveal

Reveal enables the understanding of insight and behaviour into current customers. This allows marketers to understand how to retain customers, rather than acquiring new ones. Valentin shares an example about a shoe retailer, who completely changed their marketing strategy after developing a deeper understanding of their VIP customers. As a result, this increased their customer retention rate by 30%.


3. Omniconvert Survey

This is the customer service platform, giving your customers the voice they need. Survey allows marketers to ask questions across the whole lifecycle of the customer journey. Additionally, you can gain insight from users who don’t convert such as bouncers and abandoned carts, and therefore, gain data on how you can remove the friction.




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