Introduction to Shopify Plus.

Introduction to Shopify Plus.

Automation, customisation and eCommerce success with Chris Spence from Shopify Plus.

Our first official podcast episode – we couldn’t kick this season off without asking Chris Spence to join us for an episode. As Nz’s leading Shopify Plus expert, we are in touch with Chris on a weekly and sometimes daily basis – helping our clients jump onto the most powerful eCommerce platform available today.

Chris joined us via Skype from Melbourne, and as is the nature with technology – we had a few audio issues. Nonetheless, this episode is still really valuable and Chris has some incredible knowledge we are so glad to be able to share with you.

If you want to know what sets Shopify Plus apart, or when is the right time to start using Shopify Plus – this episode is for you.

As always, let us know what you think, or leave us a comment letting us know any future topics or guests you’d love to see on the podcast!

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For more information about Shopify Plus – you can visit the website here

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