AI Powered Personalisation with Frankie.

AI Powered Personalisation with Frankie.

How does a 120x return sound to you by installing this app?

On Talk’n Shopify this week, Shopify experts, Leo and Waldo were joined by Tom Murphy and Bunty Agrawal, CTO and Founders of Kiwi owned company Frankie, to chat about AI powered personalisation. 

At a brick and mortar store, one of the best things you can do to improve customer experience is greet customers by their name when they walk in the door. What if you could replicate this level of personalisation online as well?

We’re currently seeing nearly 25% of all retail occur online. It’s not that long ago since it was 10% right? Watch this episode to learn how you can use AI powered personalisation to improve customer experience and grow your CRO.

Here are our Top 3 reasons to use Frankie:

1. Customise your online store

You can display the products that your customers are most interested in throughout their online shopping experience. This can include home page features, product pages and customised recommendations on your Shopify store.

2. Email personalisation and integration with Klaviyo

Frankie has their own email API, as well as a great integration with Klaviyo. The most common integrations use the cart abandonment, browser abandonment and welcome email implementations. You can implement Klaviyo blocks into emails and ultimately take your personalisation to the next level. Frankie have used A/B testing in Klaviyo, resulting in conclusions of a 75% improvement in click-through rates when Frankie is applied. 

3. Merges online and retail store experiences

It is becoming more common that consumers expect their online shopping likes and dislikes to be known by staff when they visit a physical store. If a customer is happy for the retail staff to look them up through the POS channel, they can populate information the customer has been using online, therefore offering a better in-store experience. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI provides intelligence to a system to perform replicated tasks at a large scale. As humans, we are churning out a huge amount of data daily. With the help of AI, it allows us to turn the data and insights into meaningful work that we can do. There are two sub-fields of AI we touch on in this episode:

  • Machine Learning: uses AI to learn and adapt to what is happening to the data and therefore can predict outcomes using algorithms without being specifically programmed.
  • Natural Language Processing: uses AI to reading and write text.

Visit this link here to see AI generated people. These people don’t even exist – freaky huh!

Cadbury using AI:

We’re seeing more and more AI used in marketing across the globe. Many small businesses in India were impacted by COVID-19 so Cadbury created a campaign using machine learning to replicate one of India’s biggest brand ambassadors, Shah Rukh Khan. Firstly, the businesses used the AI to produce videos of Shah Rukh Khan recommending the products in their store and load it to their own social media. Secondly, the AI could produce videos of Shah Rukh Khan suggesting stores nearby consumers. 

For more information about Frankie and to view a demo, click here. 


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