Shoppable videos to increase conversions.

Shoppable videos to increase conversions.

Use shoppable videos to increase conversions

Approximately half of shoppers leave a web-page to do their own research. Why has it taken so long for videos to become added onto websites and product pages? On this episode, we discuss how using shoppable videos can increase conversions.

We were joined by another international guest, Claudiu Cioba, CEO and founder of VideoWise. He is an ex-product designer with 15 years of experience, and subsequently started VideoWise. VideoWise is an app for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants, making any video shoppable and enables customers to purchase while watching videos, all throughout the checkout process.


Why do we need shoppable videos?

A number of brands are already using videos as part of their marketing strategies. However, these videos are for watching, whereas, for eCommerce your videos need to convert sales. Shoppable videos on the other hand, allow eCommerce merchants to change videos from consumption to conversions. Your videos should be shoppable, and you are losing sales if your videos are only for watching.


Here are 5 reasons to use VideoWise:

  1. Use video to promote products: You already have the content, but it is stuck within social media platforms. VideoWise allows you to manage the content all in one place. As a Youtube partner, they can scrape Youtube for over 1 millions SKUs daily, and tag the content which references your products.
  2. Removes friction for shoppers: Shoppers with a single click can purchase a product, directly add to cart. VideoWise is also integrated with Shopify and Shopify Plus, which reduces the customer steps and increases conversions.
  3. 100% focused on Shopify: As you know we love Shopify. This app is exclusive to Shopify and Shopify Plus at the moment.
  4. Reporting: VideoWise provides transparent reporting so merchants can analyse attribution directly from the videos, as well as influencing revenue. One merchant saw 700+ hours of additional viewing on their site in 90 days alone, a 15% engagement rate and a 5% influence rate!
  5. Load it in without slowing down the site: VideoWise uses the Shopify Plus recommended method, lite embedding. It optimises these videos through javascript libraries, lazy loading, and the video is not hosted within the page.


With a 10x ROI and 24/7 support, VideoWise is here to increase conversions for merchants. Ultimately, using videos within your eCommerce store creates a great user experience. Therefore, if users like your content, they will engage with it, and engagement drives conversions.


Find out more about VideoWise.