The customer service saviour – Gorgias.

The customer service saviour – Gorgias.

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Customer Service Made Easy with Gorgias

Here at Zyber, we are big fans of making the most of our time and ensuring our customers are using their time efficiently and effectively. Thankfully, in today’s digital world, there are solutions available to us that make this possible.

Automation is a wonderful thing. Any tool that allows aggregation of data and automation where ever possible makes us very happy.

Introducing Gorgias,  an eCommerce helpdesk that turns your client’s customer support into a profit center to drive conversion and retention through automation and machine learning. 


Gorgias is an application that has been reducing overheads, providing better user experience and increasing sales all at the same time. With over 4000+ businesses using the platform globally it certainly deserves a mention.


The integration with Shopify is truly Gorgeous, pun intended.

Using the APIs available from Shopify we can pull and display everything we want to know about your customers in your Gorgias dashboard, from order history, total LTV spend, order status and tracking, and much more. You can connect multiple Shopify stores and others like bigCommerce , Magento, Magento 2 if needed. 

Pulling key pieces of data and displaying it all within one dashboard is just one function of many available within Gorgias.

As well as extracting data from your Shopify or eCommerce store, Gorgias will also send information back to your Shopify store, which is very useful for B2B sales. If you have a call centre or sales reps that take orders over the phone or in person, or you don’t want to give them access to the back end of your Shopify store this functionality will be extremely beneficial.


Hold the phone. Literally.

Gorgias even integrates with apps that will sync all of your phone calls as tickets in your Gorgias dashboard. You can see missed, returned and successful phone calls. You’ll spend less time trying to figure out when a customer called you and you can track customer interaction on an even deeper level.


There’s more? You betcha.

As well as all of the above, you can amend orders, and process refund to customers all within the Gorgias app. 

You’ll be able to;

  • Set quantities to refund
  • Set shipping amount to refund
  • Set custom refund amount
  • Set the reason for the refund
  • Restock items
  • Notify customer


Automation within Gorgias

Gorgias is petty powerful when it comes to automating responses and support tickets to common questions and requests. Around 30% of support tickets for an eCommerce business is “Where is my order?” Gorgias has the capability to automate responses to this query by creating a rule that can pull shipping status and send back to the user. If the user replies back to that email with more questions, then a support representative can engage with the customer.  


Gorgias is always learning (AI)

Gorgias uses advanced machine learning to detect the intent and sentiment of each message or interaction with your brand. With rules in place, a negative tone message can be tagged and addressed ASAP by a customer service representative, no matter where the channel of communication is coming from. The same can be done for those interacting with your brand often and leaving positive feedback. These customers can be automatically added into a ‘VIP’ segment which can be set up to prioritise their incoming tickets. 

The best part?

We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to what Gorgias is capable of. Their website is a plethora of information about the app – or you can book in a free demo with a member of the Gorgias team to see how it could help your business. 

As Shopify Experts, We are extremely proud to be a Gorgias partner and can’t wait to see our customers jump on board and see their productivity skyrocket.  

Gorgias is a leading eCommerce helpdesk where businesses can manage all their customer communication channels in one platform – email, social media, live chat, reviews, and more, and automate up to 30% of commonly asked questions for increased productivity. Using machine-learning functionality takes the pressure off support and marketing teams and gives them the tools to manage a large number of inquiries at scale. 

Gorgias works with over 4,5000 eCommerce brands that include Steve Madden, KOOKAI, Merrell, Fjall Raven, Honey Birdette, Oatley, Timbuk2,  and have a deep integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento where you can view customer information, automate responses, and segment leads through our platform to drive customer engagement, conversion, and retention.

On any other helpdesk? No worries. They’ll buy your contract out. 

Sign up here for a complimentary demo and your second month of access for free.