The Importance of Mobile Commerce for Customer Experience.

The Importance of Mobile Commerce for Customer Experience.

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Mobile Commerce & The Customer Experience

Mobile commerce (M-commerce) not only changes and shapes customer expectations, but also transforms the customer experience (CX) altogether. One-size-fits-all interfaces just don’t cut it anymore, personalisation at scale is the new holy grail of commerce. 

Shopping has become both much easier while also far more complex – just consider how many options we each have every time we go to make a purchase! With this complexity, it’s the burden of businesses to simplify the customer experience and provide ease to their journey. Consumers are constantly overwhelmed with choice and often underwhelmed by service. So, they expect more curation, education and personalisation from the brands they buy from. 


Smartphones are the new storefronts

With apps such as Shop, and sales channels through both Facebook and Instagram, it takes only the flick of a finger for consumers to go from store A, to B, to C and make a purchase. 


eCommerce Conversions vs Brick & Mortar

The average brick-and-mortar store conversion rate is 20%. Far higher than the average 1.5% conversion rate of a Shopify store. This is because, despite all the advantages, eCommerce is still less personal and it’s far easier to flick between the options. Customers can bounce between stores rapidly, with multiple tabs open. Four of the top five reasons cited by consumers for not completing a purchase revolve around a sub-par mobile experience. 

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For clients such as George and Willy, a mobile-first design was vital due to the high volume of traffic driven via social media on smartphones. Our mobile-first approach won a mobile excellent award from awwwards.


Rethink the Experience

Simplify product discovery for your customers and ease transactions at the smallest scale possible: mobile. From dynamic product display personalisation, to live chat and virtual customer assistants. There’s many tactics, both in terms of website design and digital strategy, that can personalise and streamline the customer experience and facilitate purchases. 

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