Building strong customer relationships is the cornerstone of a successful business. Okendo, a leading Customer Marketing Platform, offers an array of tools to help businesses boost trust and conversions. In collaboration with partners like Zyber, Okendo is revolutionising the way brands connect with their customers.

Social Proof that Converts

Social proof plays a vital role in customer decision-making. Okendo’s social proof features, such as reviews, provide real trust. Many businesses, including those working with Zyber, have leveraged these features to drive significant conversions.

Turning Customers into Brand Advocates

Brand advocates and word-of-mouth marketing are essential for growth. Okendo’s unique tools enable businesses to scale word-of-mouth and create brand advocates. Zyber’s clients have found success in utilising Okendo to turn satisfied customers into vocal supporters.


Insights for Better Customer Experiences

Understanding customer preferences and behaviour is key to personalised experiences. Okendo’s insights tools, often implemented by Zyber, help businesses know their customers better, leading to more impactful engagements across channels.

Increasing Customer Retention and Repeat Purchases

Okendo offers strategies and solutions for boosting customer retention and driving repeat purchases. Zyber’s expertise in implementing these features has helped many businesses achieve higher customer retention rates and increased sales.

Seamless Integrations and Partnerships

Okendo’s extensive integrations, including a Google partnership, streamline workflows and elevate the customer experience. Zyber’s collaboration with Okendo ensures that these integrations are tailored to each business’s unique needs.

Utilizing Referral Programs for Customer Advocacy

Referral programs are vital in customer advocacy. Okendo’s referral program features, coupled with Zyber’s implementation strategies, provide a step-by-step guide on building an effective customer referral program.


Okendo’s benefits and features, as discussed in this blog, offer immense value in building customer trust and leveraging solutions for business growth. Zyber’s partnership with Okendo further enhances these benefits, providing customised solutions for each client. Explore Okendo’s platform and book a demo today to see how it can help your brand grow.


by zyber2020
August 25, 2023


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