Peak sales season: ensure your preparation comes to fruition.

We are deep into Q4 and nearing peak sales season, therefore it’s time to ensure your hard work and preparation comes to fruition.
Successful sales period

At Zyber, we’ve collated our Shopify experts’ top 8 tips to ensure a successful execution for your eCommerce business:


🎨Creative banners: simple, yet effective, banners are a proven way of driving CRO during the peak sales season. Make sure they are mobile-friendly and non-interruptive.

🔧Work smart, not hard with automations: include holiday-specific messaging across your customer communications. E.g. welcome emails, abandoned cart flows, and post-purchase flows.

📄Early sign up and lead capture: get smart with paid marketing and social commerce platforms in advance by incentivising early access discount codes, or special offers. In addition, collecting email addresses through in-platform lead generation is a great way to build your customer data list.

✅Keep it simple: this includes keeping copy, short and succinct, highlighting your customer value proposition. It also removes any friction across the customer journey to increase conversions.

🌟Be bold: you need to stand out in the wave of peak sales season promotional content. Therefore, use dynamic content, bright colours and clear, bold fonts for eye-catching, succinct messaging.

⚖️A/B Test: A/B testing eliminates the guest work, and uses data-driven results to reduce risk, and therefore provides better customer experiences and increases conversions.

💳Ensure all payment gateways & BNPL are available: test these in advance, to provide a seamless checkout experience. dev

🏷️Publish any discount codes: a common error is for merchants to create these in draft in advance, and forget to activate them on the day. Don’t miss out on potential customers!


Our whole team thrive on helping eCommerce merchants succeed. If you would like to speak to one of our strategists on getting ahead this sales season, let’s chat.


Talk to one of our Shopify experts for advice on your eCommerce store this sales season.





by zyber2020
November 2, 2022

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