How to grow a DTC brand with Two Islands Part 2.

How to grow a DTC brand with Two Islands Part 2.

Are DTC brands now becoming their own media agencies?

Part 2 is here! This week our eCommerce experts carry on with our discussion about growing a brand with Tina Trenkner-Meade, eCommerce Lead at Two Islands who has years of experience in the eCommerce world. Two Islands is a New Zealand health, wellness and beauty brand with strong DTC channels and a presence in retail outlets.



Watch or listen to Part 2 to find out more about:

Shopify Strategy: We discuss with Tina the decision path around migrating to Shopify Plus, OS 2.0 or Shopify Markets. 

TikTok Marketing: As more popular channels are available to target consumers, is it important for brands to utilise TikTok? With DTC brands becoming in-house media agencies, we discuss the value of TikTok’s underpriced attention.

Headless Commerce: Tina shares an eCommerce Lead’s views of the pros and cons of headless commerce and we discuss the overall net gain of headless commerce.


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If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, visit our blog to find out more about Tina’s journey to an eCommerce Lead of a competitive DTC brand, Black Friday trends for this year and how using technology can boost your understanding of customer psychology.


To view Two Islands’ modern luxury supplements and 100% plant-based range, visit

For more about the integrations discussed in the episode, visit our Shopify Experts page.


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